Thursday, August 27, 2009

Horse & Gun

Very enjoyable morning at the stables, light rain, cool(ish) and the horses were well behaved, which roughly translated means that they did approximately what I asked them to. Be-Bop's beginning to understand that 'Canter!' doesn't mean, 'become evil possessed facsimile of Pull Devil Pull Baker,' and I'm probably better at balance, seat, influence et al. So that's all good and a serious step forward in The Plan of moving recklessly fast 'cross country with weapons.

Speaking of which, had a Higgins/Marlin .22 shoot off after charging about the pasture, and the synth stock Marlin seemed to beat its elder, despite better foresight and longer, heavier barrel... confused by that, but maybe it was just my poor marksmanship.

Ancient Higgins Foresight - nice

Modern Marlin group at 50 yards

Ancient Higgins group at 50 yards

Well, all in a Thursday morning's installment of 'Horse & Gun'; remember to pray for the soul of Teddy "Lion of the Senate" Kennedy and for the miraculous cure of our national debt.

Deo Vindice.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful horses and some nice shooting too.

LSP said...

Thanks Rick - I really enjoy Thurs. mornings!

God bless,