Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Arab

Good Arab?

Some Arabs are bad, very bad; they try to kill you. Be-Bop's not like that, he just confuses the signal to canter for "run as fast as you bloody can and devil take the hindmost." Don't get me wrong, running full tilt 'cross country is a great way to spend the morning, but who's in charge? The Arab? Or some other thing? Well, it was a weird mixture this a.m., which landed Be-Bop on a lunge-line. Long, but a line none the less.

Whatever; it was neat to drive out as the sun was rising.

Just get out of town.

Tack Room

A few cups of coffee later it was time to ride on, in the beautiful cool of the morning, until 'canter' = "mad rush for the nearest non-existent exit". We'll have to practice and get it right. Until then, check out this ghost town chapel. Eerie, I always think.

On Remembrance Day the Battle Flag of the Army of North Virginia flies above this chapel. That's a heck of a thing.

Stay on the dam horse.



Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Lone Star Parson!
Thanks for finding my blog and following me, I've returned the favor.

That sounds like so much fun, to get out in the early morning, and go riding on such a nice horse!

Also would be great to go out in the country somewhere and shoot off some guns for target practice...Unfortunately, I can't do that here in Chicago....They closed all the ranges, you have to drive far away, and I don't have a car.

They also had a dumb, "turn in your guns" yesterday $50 ea. bring to churches? How dumb is that, like the gangbangers will be doing it! Just more efforts to disarm law-abiding citizens!

I will be reading and visiting your great blog.
Have a Blessed Sunday, Bunni

LSP said...

AB - great to have you following! Too bad about the Chicago ranges...

Maybe I should hold a $50 turn in at my churches - who knows what might useful additions there'd be to the armory. Texans probably wouldn't be fooled tho.

Anyway, off for another installment of 'horse & gun'.

God bless.