Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hog Poem, Innit.


My good friend GWB, philosopher, theologian, shooter, fisherman and fowler, has been branching out into verse and turned in this number about the tuskers. With apologies to The Cause and Mr. Tate:

You know who have waited by the wall

The twilight certainty of an animal,

Those midnight restitutions of the blood

You know--the immitigable pines, the smoky frieze

Of the sky, the sudden call: you know the rage,

The cold pool left by the mounting flood,

Of muted Zeno and Parmenides.

You who have waited for the angry resolution

Of those desires that should be yours tomorrow,

You know the unimportant shrift of death

And praise the vision

And praise the arrogant circumstance

Of those who fall

Rank upon rank, hurried beyond decision--

Here by the sagging gate, stopped by the wall.

Seeing, seeing only the hogs

Flying, plunge and expire

Well, one word's original and that makes all the difference. Thanks, GWB, for the line and Mr. Tate for genius.
God bless,
PS. Go to Virtual Mirage for an amusing Cell Phone Karma video. Thanks LL.


LL said...

Hunting is about being in nature with good friends. It's about shared experiences and bonding with nature. It's also about tracking and stalking and using skills that you may not have realized you had to take game in its environment. It's about eating the game, and understanding the circle of life and our place - and God's place in the whole scheme.

Great hunting posts.

LSP said...

Well said and thanks for the plaudit.

For me there's a pastoral element too because shooting tends to mean a visit to parishioners - and guns/hunting gives a good commonality.



tom said...

Of course, there's also the thwack of the 500 grainer plowing through the animals boiler room as it either grunts and groans or falls silent, maybe with some stumbling steps and the occasional blasting of a p-dog or squirrel with a high powered rifle just to see the pink mist.

You need to find yourself a parishioner with a black powder hunting taste like this fellow. Combine all the fun aspects!

How to Hunt Wisconsin Whitetail Deer with a 12 pound Mountain Howitzer Cannon

BTW, I know the founder of the South Austin Irregular Cannon Corps in case you ever have need of one for hunting purposes for those really big hogs. Tommy has a 16lb one he foundered himself at his machine shop.

Maybe it's something about the name Thomas?

Speaking of such things, just got an email from Pac-Nor!!!!

1.5" dia, 28" long .700, 9 groove, 1:20 twist in the direction of your choice ChroMoly blank will be $305.00, plus shipping. Bet this thing will kill squirrels and field mice, at the very least, when I'm done.

Anonymous said...

There isn't much anything meaner than a wild hog cross bread with a Russian boar.

They are also tasty.

LSP said...

Tom - you certainly win the prize for extreme firepower and the generosity to share it! Never shot black powder but would be shocked and confused if I didn't enjoy it.

Friend has a couple of old 3 ring Lee Enfield's from the days when Britain was great - he swears by 'em. Trying to get him to do a guest post but he's shy...

Cheers and God bless,


LSP said...

CS - great to have you on the site!

Wild hog/Russian Boar BBQ sounds important and delicious.


tom said...

I've got 4 panels for artwork on the new action.

It's a toss up right now between a dragon each side plus a cape one side and t'other side having an ele in the smaller panels


The Moon on one side and Mars on the other in big panels with the dragons one each in the smaller panels.

When I told my friend Bob about this .700 wildcat idea he asked "what are you trying to do, Tom? Hunt PLANETS?"

Might look pretty cool.

Thanks for the accolades.

Likewise on the cheers and blessings,