Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alien Invasion!

People are undecided about Nancy Pelosi. Is she a robot or a space alien?

I thought it was just TEC (The Episcopal Church) that had been taken over by Aliens, but I was naive, myopic even. They're here in far greater force than at first I thought. Here's what Mind Stew has to say on the subject:

"Is Nancy Pelosi some kind of robot or is she an alien? One thing is for sure. There is no way in hell she is human.

Physical Observations:

Skin. It looks as though she has some sort of synthetic skin covering. It could be some kind of bio-mechanical material draped over a mechanical or extraterrestrial skeleton.

Eyes. Always open to the point it looks insane, her eyes are simply creepy. In addition, her eyes never blink. This has people all over begging the question “What the ***k?”

Face. Varies greatly in shape and structure from the human species. Again, this appears to be made of some plastic or synthetic material. Definitely not carbon based."

You can read the whole analysis here, but I'm afraid its not just Nancy. No, there's plenty more candidates and, just think, they're running the country.

Yours contra Alien menace,



Snarky Basterd said...

Oh, she's an alien, alright. Even her own party wants to send her back to her planet: Uranus.

LSP said...

That's putting it politely - the question is: NP - alien, or robot?

I'm inclined towards the latter - more mechanical somehow. but feel free to disagree. Now, Hillary is simply a different species altogether... We all know that.

innominatus said...

We learned in the movies that terminator robots needed to be covered in flesh to go through the system. I'm not sure her faux-leather face counts as legitimate flesh, so I'm still skeptical of the robot assertion.

LSP said...

Good call innominatus. I guess that brings us back to Dr. Dave's point - alien, pure and simple. But what sort? Gray, Reptile, or something new altogether?

Paladin said...

YIKES!! That picture got me this early in the morning...

I vote Robot. Nothing like her could have come about through any natural means.

Anonymous said...

Robot sent from the future long ago...

Anonymous said...

Did you know she's a Catholic theologian as well?

Church doctrine has nothing against gay marriage and abortion, according to her.

My vote: She is an alien from Sanfransicko.

She could channel Karl Marx, step on her constituents with high heels and bull whip them and she would still be reelected. Which is why the whole "blue dog" thing is such a farce.

Show me a conservative democrat and I'll show you a Pelosi enabler.

LSP said...

Paladin - sorry to scare you early in the morning.

RB - interesting to see you take the robot line along with Paladin; my initial thoughts too.

Foutc - thanks! I know, she counts herself a catholic, very odd. How can you be a catholic and not believe what the Church teaches? It just doesn't make sense, which makes me inclined towards Alien - robots would have more logic.

So - 3 for Alien, 3 for Robot... all for bad.