Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spend Like Fury!

No relevance whatsoever to events here in the United States.

Off to purchase a wheelbarrow for stipend.


PS. Thanks to Prats in Power.


the booklady said...

I liked that too! But then I love the British talent for making a point through subtle understatement.

In Christ, booklady

LSP said...

I think he puts the obvious pretty well.

Very much like your series on mental prayer and will link to it.

Belated blessed feast of the Assumption!


Barking Spider said...

This was such a brilliant assessment and complete demolition of Brown himself and also his policies. As opposed to Westminster where Brown would have been protected, (with extreme bias and interruptions), by the Speaker, here in the EU Parliament, he had no option but to sit there and take it with that awful smirk on his nasty face!

LSP said...

I couldn't fault it - interesting to hear without the interference...