Friday, August 21, 2009

Wild Evil Hogs

Big dead pig
Outrageously Huge Hog

The picture above was tagged 'white trash.' Here's Mr. Auden's comment on that:

The wild evil hogs draw near;

The weather smells of their hate

And the houses smell of our fear;

Death has opened his white eye

And the black hole calls the thief

As the wild evil hogs draw near.

Ravens alight on the wall,

Our plans have all gone awry,

The rains will arrive too late,

Our resourceful general

Fell down dead as he drank

And his horses died of grief,

Our navy sailed away and sank;

The wild evil hogs draw near.

Just a bit of hog poetry, innit. Thanks, GWB, for the insight. In the meanwhile local swine are lying low(ish), but the fight's not over, not by any means.

Doves in a few weeks.



Shibby said...

Wasn't expecting hog poetry today!

The blogosphere is full of surprises.

LSP said...

Nothing quite like a hog poem to get the day going.


Son3 said...

I remember when this photo first came out. It's not as large as the photo makes it look, as the kid is a ways behind it; nevertheless, 'tis a great beast, indeed!

LSP said...

I know, an enormous great hog...

Anonymous said...

Hog Poem?

Guess there is a first for everything.

LSP said...

Thanks Rick, it is a bit unusual but I quite like a good hog poem. Makes a change from the normal run of things.

God bless,