Friday, August 14, 2009

Freedom Of The Gun

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I love guns and I find there's a freedom in shooting, especially out in the country, that's powerful medicine for the soul. I don't want to lose that and so, amongst other reasons, I support 2nd Amendment rights. These stand, I think, for a whole host of other liberties. Read Conservative Scallywag, as interviewed by The Liberty Pen:

tLP: That is one of my favorite quotes from Jefferson ("The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."). What, in your opinion, are the reasons the Democrats are so intent on dissolving gun ownership and all associated rights?

CS: Simply put, it is about control. Control over what we eat, drive, what doctor we see, how much we earn, who we hire, or even live by. Absolute control over our lives…

Even today, I think Jefferson stands. Remove the right to bear arms and what other freedoms follow? You know the saying, "give 'em and inch and they'll take a mile." Neither fraction is one I'm keen to give up.

Thanks, Conservative Scallywag, for the answer and Liberty Pen for putting the question. See the whole interview here.

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Shibby said...

It's interesting that American culture holds guns in such high regard - although the reason "to protect from an evil government" doesn't seem to work.

I think it's similar to Britain in that the authority has the monopoly of power but in the States the people have the illusion of ability to fight back.

LSP said...

Perhaps - some people seem to think that their firearms will protect them against the evil Whitehouse minions. Well, tell that to the nearest SWAT team... Illusion is right.

More to the point, I think they've become a symbol of resistance to increasing government interference in private life. Maybe to that extent, Jefferson still stands.

Whatever the case, its alright by me because I like to shoot!


tom said...

I hold guns in high regards for defensive use, possible offensive use if there ever a need, food gathering, recreation, entertainment, and that doesn't include income, as they are my trade.

Shibby, methinks you only have a minor understanding of American Gun Culture. Especially us Southerners and Westerners. No offense intended but to people like myself and family and friends, and people I know......through work and daily life....

Firearms are an integral part of who we are and politics is only part of it, to significantly varying degrees.

Some people only have interests in firearms on one level, whatever that may be. Many of us, they are inseparable from us as people.

I just got back from driving to a mostly restaurant/bar to see a band I used to play with.

Cleaned up, put on clothes. Flashlight, pocket knives, wallet, multi tool, cell, keys go in pocket...holstered pistol with a reload.... Off to drive to town to see old friends. It's automatic, I don't even think about it and never have except when in US states that aren't firearms friendly any more than I don't think about taking a long arm of some sort along when riding around ranches.

Hunting is a natural and normal way of life. The fish and game here never "belonged to the aristocracy" as in UK.

My Supermarket sells Hunting Licenses and Ammo as well as Tackle. I bought milk, sodas, meats, and ammo at my supermarket yesterday and that's a normal thing. No ID checks. No licenses required. No CCTV camera monitoring the transaction either!

The Descendants of the true original settlers of America and Britain have long since diverged and your over-simplification is borderline insulting. Y'all may look at us like aliens but we look at you like aliens as well, aliens from another galaxy of people who have given up their rights to be sovereign citizens.

LSP and I sat around a range passing rifles and pistols back and forth and I admit to bringing some novelties to the range but there wasn't anything at all odd about a couple of friends sitting around putting holes in things loudly and having handguns handy for the trip to and from the range.

I meant no harm by my words but I needed to say what I have said. Being as this is a religious page at times and I'm about to go to bed so as to make early worship today with a bit of a nap beforehand, I shall make an analogy you likely wouldn't otherwise find on this page :-)

Britains that have not lived in the US (vacations/tourism travel don't count), and multiple regions of the US at that, really don't have any more understanding of the range of American feelings on firearms any more than your average person knows what it's like to have gotten a Nice tight hug from Mick's Jerry Hall in her prime. Being a part time sound engineer in Texas had it's ups and downs at times, but that was a memorable evening. By the way, it felt REALLY NICE. Right up there with figuring out how to launch English/London Gun Trade Safari Calibers from Handguns... :-)

If I might be so bold, you might be interested in the story that was my accidental entry into blogging as it might give you a better understanding of who we are, as well as it's follow on post.


I'll leave you with a heretical sign off from a past acquaintance in music for somebody soon driving to a Southern Baptist church, for LSP's amusement. Might not be quite the "right way to pray" but entertaining:

So let your hair down, get out of that skirt
But leave them high heels on.
I'll be in the back of my black Cadillac
When Jesus finally comes to call His children home