Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Aging Plinker

Walked about Camp Crucis yesterday and heard the distant sound of gunfire, so I went to the source and found the SSC Provincial Secretary firing away at an impromtu range with a scoped semi-auto Remington .22. He kindly lent me an old Winchester pump action and we blazed away in the hot sun for an hour or so. Great fun and a first for me, having never shot a pump .22 before; it had a good feel to it and seemed accurate enough.

Interestingly, the SSC PS is off to Colorado with some bowmen to hunt Elk. He promises pictures; I'll live vicariously. Good man, the Secretary. He has a blog, 'Apostolicity'.




Anonymous said...

That is one item I am in search of is a .22 rifle.

LSP said...

I've had hours of enjoyment with mine - I think they're useful, fun and don't have to cost a lot.

I prefer bolt action w/iron sights but should probably get something with a scope too.

Anonymous said...

It was indeed an excellent afternoon expending ammunition - I'm still trying to sort out how we did so much better against the individual targets as opposed to the paper bullseye.

Looking forward to the next outing.


LSP said...

You bet - come out to the country sometime soon and we can have some fun - pistols might be good.

Thanks for the shoot & in advance for Elk hunt post!


North Northwester said...

So, muscular Christianity is replaced by the bolt-action or repeating version ;-)

Glad to hear it still exists somewhere in the world, and I'm not surprised it's Texas.

I don't know why you're following my blog unless it's the foreign policy, what with me being a tree-hugger and all, but I'm flattered and welcome aboard.

LSP said...

NN - thanks for the comment; I guess Texas is pretty 'muscular'. Whatever, its fine by me as it gets me out in the country with firearms, which is thoroughly enjoyable.

Like your blog very much - thanks for the welcome!