Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Plan


Typical Cadets

The kid has a plan, and it's this. Complete two years of a remote/online computer science degree and then go "green to gold" for the final two years at Texas A&M's ROTC, the Corps of Cadets. Then, riding boots burnished to a reflective glow, get a commission and go from there.

Good plan, eh? And  it starts this week as classes commence. So let's see if the onetime cadet will become the genuine article, a real Cadet. But first things first. Our conversation went like this as we were about to take the Bernie Beck gate exit to the home of III Corps.

Swords Are Key 

"Let's get you fixed up for a vehicle." He paused and went lateral, "One private bought an old fire truck." I slowed down as the old rig made it's way to the Great Place, "What?" Quick as a flash the boy replied, "A firetruck. The CO got mad and made him get rid of it." 

What a wasted opportunity, I thought to myself, and then out loud. "That's pretty shortsighted. I'd have made him give it to Brigade and made it the THUNDERBIRDS truck. You know, paint up the Thunderbirds logo and drive around base playing the brigade song. From speakers, loud, very loud. It'd boost morale. You do have a brigade song, right?"

The once and maybe future Cadet pondered this and promised to find the rousing song, "There has to be one, dad." And surely there is.

In other news, our new Afghan friends are sexually attacking US servicewomen at various bases around the country. How totally unpredictable. Good work, Team Biden.




Kid said...

Give AOC's address to these vermin. Let them know she'll even buy them lunch.

RHT447 said...

Huzzah to the young trooper. Hopefully Xiden and his ilk are relegated to the cess pool of history before he gets his commission. Pity about the fire truck. Apropos of nothing, when I was in basic, we had a Puerto Rican Drill Sergeant who took great glee on laundry day yelling at us, "Choo peeples get chore cheets togeder!".

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Good luck with the plan. Hope he can avoid the "woke" stuff which should die out in a couple of years.

LSP said...

Now that, Kid, is a very good idea.

LSP said...

Let's see how it goes, RHT, but fair play to the boy for aiming high. He should. Hey, his call now.

As for Basic... Good Lord. Can you imagine trying to turn all those children into something resembling a soldier? Wow.

LSP said...

Say a prayer, WSF!

He has the potential, imo, though of course I'm biased, and his "face fits" at A&M, which is no small thing. Might have to get a tatt lazered off tho... even today.

Wild, wild west said...

Ignorant asses make fun of the Aggies, sometimes with good self-inflicted reason, but it's worth remembering that Texas A&M graduated more orificers into the armed forces during WWII than all the service academies combined.

LSP said...

Good call, WWW.

These days it's REALLY hard to get into A&M, bizarrely so. But the kid might be able to do it on an Army ticket. Good luck to him.