Saturday, April 26, 2014

Country Life Dystopia I


This so-called "blog" is supposed to be about country life, instead of not-so-sly digs against the Axis of Gayness and its willing dupe ally, the Episcopal Church. So here's some pictures of country life, albeit when the cash runs out. See if you can guess/know where it is.

My Great Grandfather used to enjoy this resort, especially for its catfish. We owned a ranch near here; it was sold in the '70s. For Pennies in the Pound, my friends.


I remember collecting arrowheads, when I was a child. They were probably put there, to be discovered. 

For some reason the resort lost traction and shut down, my Great Granddaddy's catfish restaurant with it. But it's still there, including the pool, which looks sinister and dangerous. It probably is. My Great Grandfather looked right Cherokee (location hint); he blamed most disasters on the godless Sov-Cubans.

Moral of the story; it's all fun and games till the cash runs out. After that? Look out.

We have three confirmations tomorrow. Pleased by that.

God bless,



Adrienne said...

Would you be somewhere around Durant, OK?

Congrats on the Confirmations.

jenny said...

wooow, would you look at that.

But here's to arrowheads and catfish and fond memories of your great grandfather! great stories.

oh, and I'm really pleased for the county clerk. :)

LSP said...

Got the location in one, Adrienne! I hadn't been there in years...

God bless.

LSP said...

The clerk certainly has a favored space!