Friday, April 25, 2014

Episcopal Church Theology Driven Back

The Episcopal Church's (TEC) theology was dealt a serious blow yesterday, after air defense around Fort Worth drove the dwindling denomination's mystery bomber back to its secret base in New York.

Episcopal Church Theology Over Texas

Spotted earlier this week on its way to bomb Texas, the Episcopal Church's theology attempted to launch GAYDAM runway-denying munitions against the Diocese of Fort Worth, cloaked by a screen of TRANS Chaff. If successful, the GAYDAMs would have put a stay on proceedings to rehear TEC's case against the traditionalist Diocese of Fort Worth according to Texas' neutral principles of law.


However, TEC's bombs failed to deploy, with Judge Chupp denying the Episcopal Church's request for a stay and releasing $100,000 back to the Diocese of Fort Worth, which it had paid to the court as a bond. The rehearing will now take place as previously mandated by the Texas Supreme Court.


The Episcopal Church's theology has stated its intention to appeal to the US Supreme Court.

I have a good mind to go off and shoot some guns in celebration.



LL said...

Either you are one with Christ and the Gospel, or you are not. You can't serve God and mammon.

You'd think that the elite of the Church would get it.

LSP said...

You'd think so, LL, but perhaps we're not really dealing with Christians...