Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Saturday, Horus

The Body of Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

Christ lays in the tomb and though the churches are decorated for Easter, the Tabernacles are empty. So we wait in expectation of the Resurrection and the restoration of the Divine Presence. Part of that, for me, means reflecting on the Egyptian God, Horus.

Horus with Ani

Horus, we're told, was "born of a virgin" (he wasn't), "walked on water" (he was thrown in the Nile) and "died and rose again" (after being stung by a scorpion). Because of these striking similarities to Jesus, it's claimed that Christianity is just a reworking of ancient Egyptian mythology. But there's a problem with this. What did Horus look like? I'll tell you, he had a falcon head.

Make of that what you will.



olarmy02 said...

From Lutheran Satire, enjoy!

LSP said...

Love the video!