Monday, March 23, 2015

The Government is Your Friend

Texas seems really free, compared to England. How's that? The Government isn't telling you what to do at every turn. Nanny State is a whole lot less evident. Are people happier for that? You better believe they are.

Soon we'll have open carry, and that'll help roll back Nanny a bit more. I look forward to that. Less Government, please. How does it even benefit you? Does it, at all? Maybe it's just a vicious parasite, to be shucked off and left to die, on the East and West Coasts.

Ask yourselves. How do a gang of rich insider oligarchs, based in DC and New York, who scorn you, and look down on you, who are beyond your wildest dreams of imagining RICH, and despise you accordingly, how do these people deserve to be our leaders.

Are they more honest, more skilled, more faithful, smarter? Worthy, like Hillary Clinton, because of great stateswomanlike wisdom and gravitas? Or are they just that much more cunning and wicked? Better at hiding their emails, servers and foreign bank accounts.

Or, to put it another way, are we sick of being ruled by crooks?

There will come a point when this will not hold.

Arm up.



jenny said...

This way to the gun show, gents.
I love Texas.

Brighid said...

The gal with the low cut top is going to be hopp'n when hot brass goes down that thing.

lukeya said...

We certainly are Padre (sick of being ruled by crooks)..the choice this General Election (5th May) is truly appalling. Not a single shred of belief in any of them. PM is a PR guy, the others all 'professional politicians' and the only 'outsider' is a closet racist insider ex-stockbroker. Oh and the Greens of course but they only get support in Brighton (read San Francisco).

I like the 'heater' in the last photo though. Is that something you're trying to build?

LSP said...

All for Texas, Jenny!

LSP said...

That's a very good point, Brighid...

LSP said...

The political scene in the UK seems more than usually dire, Lukeya, not that I'm too up on it. I understand the pedophilia business runs deep, however.

The gun is an evolved M14. Do a search on M14 EBR -- interesting gun and I'd like one!

Fredd said...

LSP: I own a .357 Magnum hand gun with a 6" barrel.

I have a box of 50 rounds.

That's it.

Am I good to go?

LSP said...

I'm jealous of that pistol, Fredd!