Monday, March 30, 2015

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Perhaps you've been following the gay war against Christian bakers, in which the tolerance brigade ask the bakers to bake them a gay cake for their gay wedding. When the Christians refuse, they get sued, and either get gay or go bankrupt and shut up shop.

To stop that kind of thing happening, Indiana passed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This allows for-profit businesses the right to "the free exercise of religion." Christian bakers, in Indiana, can't be sued by gays for not getting gay with their cakes.

A Typical Gay Cake

For that matter, Muslim catering firms can't be sued by pork chop Evangelicals for refusing to cook up delicious pulled pig. Neither can lesbian publishing houses be sued by zealous Catholics for refusing to print heteronormative tracts.

Ellen and Portia, Eating Cake

Sounds fair enough, eh? But no. Not if you're part of the pink steamroller equality juggernaut. For Angieslist and Apple's CEO, nothing must be allowed to stand in the way of gayness. Nothing, and certainly not religion. So for them, Indiana's RFRA is abhorrent. You can read Breitbart's take here, and the libleft gay Atlantic, here.

What do I think? Well done, Indiana. Stick to your guns.



LL said...

It's a culture war.

LSP said...

It most certainly is.

Adrienne said...

Teh gheys will stop at nothing to make us give approval to their sexual choices. I am so sick of listening to their whining. Crybabies.

I go one step further in stating that all private businesses should be able to discriminate for any reason. Let the market handle the backlash.

LL said...

Does this mean that businesses can't put a sign up saying "no shirt, no shoes, no service" anymore?

LSP said...

They do go on, Adrienne...