Sunday, March 29, 2015

Deadly Assault Rifle Got More Deadlier #AR 15 Build

This blog is mostly concerned with the life of the mind, so it may not surprise you to know that I've been busy turning one AR 15 into two AR 15s, all thanks to a church person who offered to build me a new upper for my stock CMMG.

While I was waiting on that, I thought I'd teach myself to assemble, or build, these rifles, and started off by installing a new hand guard and gas block on my existing carbine. Then, thinking that the new upper-in-waiting could do with a better lower receiver, I went out and built one. Thanks, Fun Guns, in Waco, and Spike's.

The new upper arrived today after Mass, and I'm pleased. It's made out of parts from Rainier Arms: 18" match grade barrel, 1-8 twist, mid-length gas system w/micro gas block, nickel boron bolt carrier group, compensator, keymod hand guard, and a Hipertouch Enhanced Duty Trigger (4.5 lb, single stage). Hogue grip, Magpul stock, back up sights and magazine(s).

My old carbine can stay as just that, a 2 MOA red dot sight carbine, and I'll swap out the free float tube for a keymod rail system. Why? It'd be lighter, neater, and I think it looks more deadlier. The new rifle gets to have a 1x6 optic, and I'll be shopping around for that.

Kick out the Jams,



LL said...

You're turning into a shooting machine.

LSP said...

I went down a bit of a 5.56 rabbit hole... but why not?

Looking forward to shooting this latest beast.

jenny said...

When you're done with the guns, you must get back to that antler project in the background.

LL said...

You didn't go down a rabbit hole. You're simply becoming a Texan.

LSP said...

Well spotted, Jenny! I mean to turn that horn into two things -- a knife and a bottle opener.

LSP said...

Thanks, LL. I'm part there (my Mother's a Texan...).

Can't have too many guns.