Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Get A Grip!

After Evening Prayer, I set up on the porch and got into some complex gunsmithing. That's right, I changed out the stock pistol grip on my deadly assault rifle, for a more deadly looking Mega Arms hogue grip.

See that little spring? Don't lose it.

It's not hard. Unscrew the old piece of plastic rubbish that comes with the gun. As you do, you'll see a small spring; that's the safety detent spring. Don't lose the spring or the detent. If you do, you'll feel like an idiot and your gun won't work.


When the old grip is off, sit back and enjoy the wonder of firearms for a moment, and the neat look of the Mega Grip. Meditation over, screw in the new grip, making sure that the detent spring is on the detent.

Illuminati Stooge Puppet

Check and see if the fire control group works. It does. Good job, you've done well, unlike Azealia Banks, who is an Illuminati stooge puppet of the New World Order.

Shoot straight,



jenny said...

The gun looks fiercer, for sure! An evening well spent.

LL said...

Sweet. I like the new grip. What have you done with the forearm?

LSP said...

Jenny, I think it does too. I like it for that. Far more deadly.

LSP said...

LL, forgive the typo -- for "forearm" read "firearm."

That said, I've put a Yankee Hill free-float tube onto the gun -- the idea being to gravitate away from the plastic handguards, maybe improve accuracy, and make the gas-driven little monster a bit better to look at and hold/shoot.

The other Upper, that's waiting for parts, will have a match barrel and Rainier Arms keymod "furniture." Just waiting for the barrel... Noveske.

Brighid said...

Liking the looks of your new grip!

If you were named Azealia you'd be weird too.

LSP said...

Thanks, Brighid!

Azealia's obviously confused...