Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bishop Rayford isn't High. Or is He?

It's freezing outside, even though it isn't snowing, which is weird, seeing as how our carbon footprints have made everything so much warmer. To beat the chill, I cooked up some bacon and pancakes. Then I put maple syrup on both. But I won't repel you with a picture of my climate disruption snack, here's one of Bishop Rayford High, instead.

This is part of what the curiously named "High" had to say about his church's recent defeat in Tarrant County:

“Be of good heart. The Episcopal Church, including its continuing Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, welcomes everyone, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. The mission of The Episcopal Church is to reconcile the world to God through Jesus Christ and that work continues.“

Welcomes everyone? Oh yeah, of course, in court. 

So be of good heart, they lost.



jenny said...

I vote for a pic of the bacon and pancakes next time.

LL said...

Bacon and pancake pictures won't turn my stomach.

LSP said...

I get the strong impression that there's a groundswell of opinion in favor of bacon and pancakes?

Fredd said...

Good graicous, LSP: eating the 'devil's meat', BACON!, ....ON FRIDAY??!!

When the Good Lord in His time comes to take thee home, exactly how are you going to explain this to St. Peter, while you stand at the Pearly Gates with syrup dripping from your chin?

And now a word or two about those evil 'pancakes'...

LSP said...

Not to worry, Fredd, the bacon was on Thursday. (I try to keep the Friday fast...)

jenny said...

St. Peter will want to know why LSP didn't save him any! Heaven has no place for selfishness, son!

LSP said...

I have to admit, i did eat a LOT of bacon last night.

LL said...

Jody call (modified):

When you get to heaven,
St. Peter's gonna say,
How'd you earn your living,
How'd you earn your pay?

I'll reply with a whole lot of anger,
Earned my pay as a bacon wrangler!

---doesn't quite work but works well enough. Start running and chanting and it will fit.

Jody calls are the military's contribution to both song lyrics and literature.

Fredd said...

LL: Is this the same Jody that's driving around in MY Cadillac while I'm knee deep in some foreign mud pulling perimiter guard duty? I hate that guy....