Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Go On, Shoot Your Upgraded AR15

Keen-eyed readers of this family oriented info blog, will know that I decided to take my AR15 apart and install a new gas block and a Yankee Hill free-float tube. Why? Just for fun and because I wanted to learn more about the rifle, with a view to building one myself. Neat project.

Must Get Front Sight...

I reckon the reassembled gun looked good, in a deadly black assault rifle kind of way, but I took it to a friend who knows about these things before I shot it. He gave it the green light, so off I went to the range with some boxes of cheap steel cased Tulammo and a value pack of Remington .223.

That'll Do

How did it shoot? Just fine, and I had fun setting myself various drills from 30, 50, 75 and 100 yards. Were the groups any better with the free-float thing? Maybe a bit, given no magnification, eyesight that could be better and a dog who enjoyed leaping up in sheer joy and excitement at the sound of the gun.

I Love The Range!

I had to put him on a leash in the end. But I'm pleased with my first foray into the world of under-the-hood ARishness. The gun worked and worked well. Next step? Keep this carbine to shoot cheap steel cased ammo and build a 7.62/.308 on the same platform. I've decided against a "6", you see, but that's a whole new story.

Shoot straight,



LL said...

Blue Smiley is clearly enjoying his day at the range.

I think that going to a 308 gas gun would be fun, but what about a .270 bolt action deer rifle?

LSP said...

He had a great time.

I'd like a .270, but do you think it'd offer much more advantage than my 30-06?

Of course a .375 would be neat... you know, given all the charging Cape Buffalo I get to, ahem, shoot.

LL said...

The 270 will shoot flatter with less recoil and will have better knock-down power due to increased bullet velocity.

LSP said...

No doubt about it, a great round -- I enjoyed shooting a friend's Tikka in that cal, the other month.

LL said...

A .375 Holland and Holland will dislocate your shoulder. You need to fit wheels to it and fire it like a piece of artillery.

LL said...

If you don't care how much the ammo costs, the .338 Lapua is a kick ass round, particularly at longer ranges when it really comes into its own.

Get Her Holiness K. Jefferts to sue you so that you can pick up a few million to spend on the poor (keeping aside a widow's mite for yourself to buy artillery.)

LSP said...

I've sent KJS a text, saying ".338 lap mag, please."

What's she said, so far? Nothing. I take that as agreement.

.338 Lapua Magnum it is.

Anonymous said...

my husband built me an AR this year, it seemed to be quite easy. There's a huge supply of different configured parts out there to make it 'custom'. You almost can't make a mistake I think. And it still was amazingly accurate, almost boring. Well, shooting is never really boring. :-)

LSP said...

You're right, Anonymous. Shooting is never boring!

Glad to hear your husband built you an hot AR.

Right little heaters, those gas guns.

LSP said...

for "an" read "a"...