Friday, March 27, 2015

Get Out And Shoot

It was a beautiful morning, here in Texas, so I thought I'd better hurry up and head off to the range to see if the AR 15 lower receiver I built the other day actually worked.

First things first, I loaded Blue Tactical into the truck along with gun stuff and bought some ammo, 5.56, 62 grain, out of Turkey. It was cheap, and that appealed.

Did the lower work? It worked flawlessly, with no malfunctions over several hundred rounds. Very pleasing. But here's the thing, my red dot sight (RDS) was zeroed at 100 yards for 55 grain ammo, which meant it was off for 62 grain ammo.

If I'd been a smart shooter, I would have used my not-so-smart-phone to look up ballistic charts for the ammo I had in hand and zeroed accordingly. To help myself, you, and all the world, I've included a chart in this post to save everyone a lot time, money, and aggro. 

People like LL, who have forgotten more about shooting than I will ever know, may laugh at this. But hey, we learn by mistakes, unless you're the Church of England, or the Administration. In which case you don't.

I got on, in the end, after a lot of unnecessary messing around with my RDS. But the main thing is, the lower receiver worked perfectly. It'll go with my new upper, which should be ready in a day or two. I'm excited by that.

Blue Tactical was excited by the gunfire. So much so that he had to have a time-out in the bed of the truck. He liked that too.

Shoot straight,



jenny said...

Blue Bulletbiter has to be the cutest, happiest dog in time out that I've EVER seen.

Learning from our mistakes is a mark of wisdom. Doing the same nonsense over and over is a mark of insanity.
Most individuals fall somewhere in the middle, but according to the "two brains are better than one" adage, churches and administrations ought to be a lot wiser than they are...

jenny said...

...of course, I suppose anything's only as good as the parts it's made of.

Glad your gun, at least, has promising parts!

LL said...

Blue Aggressor naturally likes things that go BANG. And he hates spies and assassins dressed up like mailmen.

LSP said...

He really enjoys his time at the range, Jenny. And for sure, by the time this excursion in ARishness is over, there'll be two good carbines. Nearly there.

LSP said...

That he does, LL!

Mattexian said...

Glad that the range test went well. (I bet it went like so many times after I've done auto repairs, thinking "Oh, boy, I hope I put everything back in the right places!")

I've got a matching smartphone cover to your magazine, tho mine adds an AR silhouette with "Come and Take It."

LSP said...

Exactly like that, Mattexian...

Neat phone cover.