Saturday, March 21, 2015

Church of England Cathedral Taken Over by Mantis People?

Startling new evidence suggests that Bury St. Edmund's Cathedral has been infiltrated by Mantis People.

Sources in the picturesque market town have drawn attention to a new stained glass window, which they claim is being commissioned by the Cathedral.

"The Cathedral has always been a patron of the arts," said one insider, who wishes to remain anonymous, "But this is an outrage. The new window isn't even about Jesus. I think our beloved Cathedral has been taken over by Mantis People."

Others disagree, saying that the proposed window is just the cover of a popular book, Quatermass and the Pit.

"It may look a lot like a stained glass window in the Cathedral, and lot of people in the town think it is," claimed window skeptic and paranormal expert, A. Delgarde, "That's not true. It's the cover of a popular novel, Quatermass and the Pit. There is no truth at all to rumours suggesting that the Cathedral has been taken over by Mantis People."

Is the Cathedral's new window a smoking gun, showing that the once Christian place of worship is being run by an off-world cabal of mantids, run amok? Or is it just the cover of a book?

You decide,



LL said...

The off-world cabal of mantids would be a step up from Justin and his oil-rich, spiritually vacant legion.

LSP said...

You're right. Mantids may be scary; I'd say they are. Justin & Co. are much worse.