Saturday, March 7, 2015

Has General Synod Been Found?

Strange radio waves have been detected by astronomers, emanating from far beyond our Galaxy. Could they come from the Church of England's General Synod?

The mysterious energy pulses are called fast radio bursts and last for fractions of a second. First spotted by a team of stargazers at Parkes Observatory in Australia, in 2007, it's estimated that the radio waves traveled at least 3 billion light years before they reached earth.

Experts are divided. A minority believe that the "fast bursts" may be coming from inside the earth's atmosphere. Others believe that they come from very dense objects, like black holes, imploding stars, or even enormous flares. But some pundits  think otherwise.

"It's obviously the General Synod," said one astronomer, "It's far enough away and we don't know what it means."

No one knows what effect, if any, the fast burst radio waves are having on earth.



LL said...

You'll find it in the same place that Hillary Clinton stashed her damning e-mail.

LSP said...

Definitely "off-world."