Sunday, March 22, 2015

We're Riding on Austin

I said to my MC this morning, before Mass, "Mr.******, we're fixing to ride on Austin." He's an outstanding horseman, so I figured he should be in on the action. "That's right," I continued, "And when we've sorted out Austin we'll head West, and take out Burning Man."

Typical Austin Street Scene

"Then San Francisco."

"But why San Francisco?" asked a nervous church person. 
"Because it's a hippy capital. Of the world."

Get a Haircut LSP

By the time our flying column moves out of Austin, I predict we'll be at Brigade strength.

A Couple of Monkeyheads at Burning Man

That might be needed.



LL said...

I'll rally reinforcements once you've left the US and have entered the People's Republik of Kalifornia.

LSP said...

Very much counting on your support!

LL said...

You need to wear your DLC Commandant's uniform (complete with saber and sash) and to saddle up with a proper DLC saddle blanket. I realize that it's an irregular outfit but at least a guidon... ;^)

LSP said...

I know. There are standards.

I see a drone fleet coming in handy, too.

Brig said...

Ya aren't from Texas, I can see by your tack. We can fix that!

LSP said...

I was wondering when someone would point that out... but you'll have to forgive the eccentric mix of English & Western tack in the top photo -- it's what came to hand!

I had to let that TB horse go, sadly, after a lot of time training her up (with a lot of help).

When she was good she was great to ride, very fast and smooth, but when she was bad... well, she was very bad. And I couldn't put the necessary time in to change that.

Still, no one got killed.