Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cleansing The Temple

I preached this morning on Our Lord throwing the money changers and animal sellers out of the Temple. And I managed to include the words "bag limit," "Polled Herefords," and "cattle brokers" into the sermon. 

Random Money Changer

The Baylor faculty got a look-in, too. "If the Baylor Faculty were to sin, heaven forfend," I declaimed, "They could buy the finest bull from Mr.***** here, and kill it. But what difference would it make? None at all. It would be, at best, a symbol."

The homily was on atonement and sacrifice, obviously.

God bless,



LL said...

I forget -- Did Christ have a mitre on his head, wear silks, dance with old lesbians and have tens of millions of dollars to squander here and there?

It's a lesson that needs to be re-learned.

LL said...

Christ worked around a lot of fishermen and you see a lot of attention paid to integrating fish into some of his sermons. (Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men, etc.)

I'm sure if Jesus had lived in Texas there would have been talk of cattle, oil, bird hunting and football. And he would have had a quarter horse - possibly an old blue dog - a Winchester rifle and a Colt handgun because God made man and Sam Colt made men equal. Adapting sermons accordingly only makes sense.

LSP said...

I think it does. I'd be surprised if a Texan Christ didn't have a cow dog.

Mattexian said...

I have heard a sermon that mentioned football, but it was in the context of "are you a fan or a follower?", about the Roman Centurion officer coming to Jesus to heal his child.

Certainly there seems like an explosion of cowboy churches, that are a lot more casual in dress, and folksy in the sermons. I've been invited to one by a coworker, but haven't gone yet.

LSP said...

There's no end to "cowboy churches" here -- some are VERY successful. They tend to have an arena, which I envy, and relaxed Baptist religion, which doesn't appeal to me. The "howdy pardner!" schtick gets annoying pretty fast too..

LL said...

I have heard of snake churches but never a cowboy church...sounds as if somebody might be taking things a bit too far.

LSP said...

Our local cowboy church's "sanctuary" is kind of like a biggish wood barn (unlike their fellowship hall). There's a stage at one end, where the pastor does his thing. It has a lectern, at the front, in the middle, flanked by two saddles, on stands. Beneath this rests a zinc tub, on the floor.

And I had to ask, what are they worshiping? The horse God?

I like the pastor though -- he's a good man.

Anonymous said...

Which way did they vote? The polled Herefords?

LSP said...

The Herefords always vote against sacrifice.