Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Is the State Department High, on Crack?

The Obama Administration released 5 top Jihad "generals" in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Bergdahl has been subsequently charged with desertion, by the Army.

The Administration's PR flak, Jen Psaki, explained the move in terms of "tracking."

“We have the ability to track and work with the Qataris. The reason that we know that individuals were reportedly online and engaging with individuals they shouldn’t be is because we track it. It means the system of tracking works.”

Tracking? Surely we're experts. See "NSA."

And we have to ask, is the Administration high, on crack?



LL said...

I don't think that they're high on crack. They're used to the American people and the MSM swallowing their lies whole. The more outrageous the lie (like you can keep your doctor), the more likely that the public will accept it.

This instance is emblematic.

I love Big Brother.
The Ministry of Truth would never lie to me

Fredd said...

LL is correct. He is of course describing 'The Big Lie' theory. Successfully used by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party in swaying public opinion towards supporting their murderous agenda, the Big Lie works every time it's been used.

And Obama knows this. The bigger, more unbelievable the lie is, and the more often it is repeated without shame, the more likely this lie will be swallowed by the public.

Since I have mentioned Hitler, however, my point has been rendered irrelevant. Or, at least in the view of liberals.

LSP said...

OK. LL, and Fredd, I stand corrected.

The Administration isn't high on crack, they're just lying, massively, in a state of ketamine induced alternate reality.

And to think, these people "command" armies.

LL said...

Hitler commanded an army. Joseph Goebles justified its every excess to the German people (who loved big brother).

LSP said...

I try not to think about JG's children.