Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Hillary used private emails and a DIY server to conduct business when she was Secretary of State. She obviously didn't have anything to hide.  And remember, the Benghazi attack was all about a video.

Except that it wasn't.



LL said...

She was dragging the sack for contributions to her "yet to be announced" run for the presidency, but (besides saying, "what difference does it make?") might respond by saying that she did the country's business on their time and her business on her own time...and then there was her assistant, Humma.

If one could bore down and figure out what percentage was what, I'm confident that you'd find that she spent at least 40% of her day working on matters with the US State Department.

How many flights on her executive jet were made for "State Dept. business" and how many were made to solicit money for herself? That is a question that is likely never to be answered.

LSP said...

40%? Generous.