Monday, March 30, 2015

Go On, Get A Pistol

In a bold attempt to break personal stereotypes, I emailed someone who knows about guns. What pistol should I get, I asked, and got this reply, You’re a Texan for heck sake…you will also need a wheel gun.

That set me thinking, all the way to the nearest gun shop, where I picked up a S&W .357 Magnum. The .357 is a serious round. Can it crack an engine block? I don't know, I haven't tried that, but I do know I liked that revolver.

It just felt right.



Julie Culshaw said...

I don't understand the need for all these guns. Yes, I know I am Canadian and you are in Texas, but I find it kind of alarming, the love for guns.

Mattexian said...

A bonus to the .357 is that you can (supposedly) fire .38 Special thru it as a lower powered round, for plinking. However, I have heard of some guns not liking the substitution.

Julie, I would explain it as our expression of freedom. We can buy (almost) any gun we want, with the knowledge that somewhere, some wannabe tyrant politicians don't like it when mere peasants like us own those guns. (That's essentially the answer I gave when asked why I bought an AK, by my mom's boyfriend, a Vietnam vet, who was on the receiving end of one during the war.)

LSP said...

But Julie, many Canadians love to shoot!

And they can get a bit addictive, like any good thing. Moderation, perhaps, is key.

LSP said...

Not really a plinking round, (357) I have to admit but the .38 kind of is... I like my "Chief Special" a lot and it'd be neat to be able to use that round in the bigger gun.

I liked the feel of the S&W but some recommend Colt Python.

Gun rights, freedom? Right on.

jenny said...

We all know I know nothing about guns, but I sure have opinions on what's cute. And those short little revolvers are downright adorable. (as killing machines go)

LSP said...

I think you should have a revolver, Jenny.

You know it makes sense.

jenny said...

makes good sense.
and I like the idea of irritating tyrant politicians.

LSP said...

We scorn them.

Anonymous said...

for Julie - generally each type of gun has a purpose. A rifle for hunting, a shotgun for doves, or clay targets, a pistol for short-distance shooting.
plus freedom. because we can. because we are not restricted, the decision is all ours to make.
and it's addictive.

Fredd said...

My .357 Magnum is not for plinking. It has never been fired, and God willing, it never will be fired. It is a revolver, and I don't need practice. It is a point and shoot thing, no safety, and it is always loaded, 6 rounds in all chambers.

If I ever have to use it, God help the poor soul on the other end of the barrel. I use hollow points. This weapon is a terrible thing to bring to bear on anyone.

LSP said...

I hope you never have to use it, Fredd.

LL recommends the Colt Python.

Thomas Venney said...