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Monday, March 28, 2016

Shoot Your Guns

Some people have ONE gun, others have several, but whatever the case, the song remains the same. If you're going to be any good with firearms you have to actually shoot them, as opposed to staring at them fondly as they stand gleaming in their racks.


That was brought home to me a little while ago, after a dismal offhand performance against some steel plates. The expression, "couldn't spot a thieving hippy on the hustle in Austin from 10 paces" totally applied, embarrassingly. So I set out to change that, with a Glock 21, an AR 15 and a Ruger American .22.

After a brisk warm up against an unfortunate silhouette, the plates were swinging at 50 and 75 yards. Well done, Ruger. 

Here's a Handy Chart

I left the rifle zeroed at 50 yards; just dial it up a fraction under 5.5" for 100 yards. And note how the Ruger American takes the ubiquitous 10/22 30 round magazine. Good job, team.

The AR did fine, too, and made handy work of an empty value pack of .223. It has a Primary Arms 1x6 scope on it, which I'm tempted to upgrade. Perhaps with a Vortex Strike Eagle.

Then there's Glock. Some people don't like Glocks and call them "rubbish." Well, the Glock 21 isn't a Colt Python and it can't send the mighty .357 Magnum through your enemy's engine block, but still, I'm not complaining. That pistol is all business.

Shoot over, head for home.

Gun Rights,


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Deadly Assault Rifle Got More Deadlier #AR 15 Build

This blog is mostly concerned with the life of the mind, so it may not surprise you to know that I've been busy turning one AR 15 into two AR 15s, all thanks to a church person who offered to build me a new upper for my stock CMMG.

While I was waiting on that, I thought I'd teach myself to assemble, or build, these rifles, and started off by installing a new hand guard and gas block on my existing carbine. Then, thinking that the new upper-in-waiting could do with a better lower receiver, I went out and built one. Thanks, Fun Guns, in Waco, and Spike's.

The new upper arrived today after Mass, and I'm pleased. It's made out of parts from Rainier Arms: 18" match grade barrel, 1-8 twist, mid-length gas system w/micro gas block, nickel boron bolt carrier group, compensator, keymod hand guard, and a Hipertouch Enhanced Duty Trigger (4.5 lb, single stage). Hogue grip, Magpul stock, back up sights and magazine(s).

My old carbine can stay as just that, a 2 MOA red dot sight carbine, and I'll swap out the free float tube for a keymod rail system. Why? It'd be lighter, neater, and I think it looks more deadlier. The new rifle gets to have a 1x6 optic, and I'll be shopping around for that.

Kick out the Jams,


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Get A Grip!

After Evening Prayer, I set up on the porch and got into some complex gunsmithing. That's right, I changed out the stock pistol grip on my deadly assault rifle, for a more deadly looking Mega Arms hogue grip.

See that little spring? Don't lose it.

It's not hard. Unscrew the old piece of plastic rubbish that comes with the gun. As you do, you'll see a small spring; that's the safety detent spring. Don't lose the spring or the detent. If you do, you'll feel like an idiot and your gun won't work.


When the old grip is off, sit back and enjoy the wonder of firearms for a moment, and the neat look of the Mega Grip. Meditation over, screw in the new grip, making sure that the detent spring is on the detent.

Illuminati Stooge Puppet

Check and see if the fire control group works. It does. Good job, you've done well, unlike Azealia Banks, who is an Illuminati stooge puppet of the New World Order.

Shoot straight,