Sunday, June 9, 2019

Blood And Soil - Don't Bring Harry

Detail aside, the Greens are winning massive marketshare in Germany and that's great, check it out. Crazed, mystic blood and soil Tuetons launching on some kind of shamanic Aryan quest to bring the whole heimat under the sway of Ygdrasil?

Hated Markle

With apologies to our friends in the Prussian Officer Corps, we've beat you back twice and we'll do it again. Sorry, so called "Meghan," but there it is.

The People Rise Up

In the meanwhile, craven leftists attempt to pretend that they're somehow about "the people." Like #MillSoc D-List celeb Meghan Markle; don't bring Harry.  




Well Seasoned Fool said...

Stationed in Hanau 1964-1966. The Germans I knew then don't seem remotely like the Germans I see today.

Fredd said...

Those risen up people in the last photo have crow bars, machetes and bullhorns: no guns? Rising up against an armed resistance wielding only pitch forks is futile, just ask those who opposed The Borg.

LSP said...

They're very green these days, WSF, but so was the NSDAP. Maybe the disturbing infovid's telling.

LSP said...

Fredd, I can't argue with that. Like running horses against tanks. Still, some pitchfork action on the Mall might be useful.

LL said...

The Germans (meaning the mainstream krauts) are in for a reckoning when the average Hans or Heinrich on the street decides that he's had enough of their Green New Deal, complete with a million military age rag heads. I'm just saying. Maybe the army will open the armory and hand out rifles and Ammo.

Germany could become the New Switzerland.

And in France, the local citizens are pushing for the right to keep and bare arms. (oh the horror to the elites who want to rule the little people - shades of the French Revolution.

And what of Dutchess Meghan? Meghan who?

Kid said...

Did you see where the Canadian Pastor was arrested for preaching the bible with LG people around ?

Kid said...

LL, Every civilized country should become the new Slovakia. They made islam illegal. The only solution to being bred out.

zsleepwalker said...

Kid, thank you for the link to the article about the pastor. It also has a link to the youtube video which is hard to watch. I can easily see that happening in our cities.