Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ice Age Eschaton - Pistol

Getting Warmer

Everyone knows that it's much warmer now, which is why it's colder, especially in Dallas, where I was stranded for a couple of days by the New Ice Age. And to think, all brought about by the planet getting hotter, but such is the logic of the Eschaton. But I'm not complaining, it was good to retreat to the Ice Cave and take a few days off.

GH Getting Colder

Then, I suppose, it got colder so everything melted and I made it back to the country and a visit to GH's farm. We took his new Dodge down-field to an impromptu hay-bale pistol range and had some .45 ACP fun (remedial for me).


I have to say, thank God for Winchester White Box, which takes a bit of the financial sting out of a shoot - I find I have to go through several magazines before getting into the swing of things and decently on target. I tend to pull the trigger, sending rounds low left and forget to breath, thanks to excitement. Bad errors, but when corrected things swung pretty neatly onto the bull.

Calm Before the Storm

Shot from around 15 and 20 yards, with the best results from 20, oddly enough. Then it was back to GH's house to talk about the state of the Mission and TEC's iniquitous land-grab. A good day.

Now the clouds are lowering with ice and snow. Smart people are honing up on their firearms skills and stockpiling. We don't know how long the winter will last.

Shoot straight,



Julie said...

Glad you managed to get out of the snow cave for some recoil therapy :)

PS if you are looking for somewhere to send snow to, I'ld be happy to take some off your hands.

LSP said...

'recoil therapy' - always a good result. Just recovering from another bout of global warming - I'll wish it your way!