Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Government Is Your Friend!

The Government is your Friend 

Last year saw a big push by the Government and it's willing lackey, Piers "New World Order" Morgan, to ban guns. Hand in your firearms, they argued, and the State will look after you, just like it's going to do with your health!

Trust the State!

America wasn't convinced by this Himmlerian logic and bought guns in record numbers; smart move, arm up, but please stop hoarding .22LR because we need readily accessible plinking ammo. Sayin'.

Demented Space Creature

Also, as LL reminds us, do the exact opposite of anything Nancy Pelosi recommends, this will help you. Likewise, as we move into 2014, only fight wars as a last resort and fight to win. 

Ride on,



LL said...

We have to be responsible for ourselves and our families first, and then to reach out to others with one hand giving (and a cocked and locked .45 in the other hand just in case).

danontherock said...

Lots of .22 ammo here in Newfoundland. I go through quite a bit of it in the winter months

Princess Woo said...

Please post more nasty space creatures, like Pelosi!

Anonymous said...

Turn poster No1 into a T Shirt.

LSP said...

Well said< LL. More .45 please.

LSP said...

Alright there, danontherock. Jealous of your .22 situation... Hopefully we'll get that sorted out this year.

LSP said...

More aliens, PW? Sure thing.

LSP said...

T shirts coming up, Anonymous, but I'll hold you to account if they don't sell!