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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Government Is Your Friend!

The Government is your Friend 

Last year saw a big push by the Government and it's willing lackey, Piers "New World Order" Morgan, to ban guns. Hand in your firearms, they argued, and the State will look after you, just like it's going to do with your health!

Trust the State!

America wasn't convinced by this Himmlerian logic and bought guns in record numbers; smart move, arm up, but please stop hoarding .22LR because we need readily accessible plinking ammo. Sayin'.

Demented Space Creature

Also, as LL reminds us, do the exact opposite of anything Nancy Pelosi recommends, this will help you. Likewise, as we move into 2014, only fight wars as a last resort and fight to win. 

Ride on,


Friday, October 4, 2013

Less Government, Please. We Can't Afford It!

Random Bear Partisan

I'm hearing these unsettling rumors that the Government is still somehow functioning, even though it's shutdown and closed. How can this be? 

Here's how much our Government spends, visualized as stacks of $100 million pallets. Thanks for the image and figures, Demonocracy:

Spend, Spend, Spend!

Here's the breakdown: 

Defense (Attack) $902.2 Billion
Health Care $846.1 Billion
Pensions $819.7 Billion
Welfare $451.9 Billion
Interest $224.8 Billion
Other Spending $199.6 Billion
Education $153.1 Billion
Transport $102.6 Billion
Protection $62.0 Billion
General Government $33.6 Billion

Just hypothetically, if the Govenment ever starts again, which I hope it won't, I guess it'll keep on spending increasingly astronomical amounts of money. Where will the cash come from? Print on demand?

Less Government please, we can't afford it.

Have a blessed Feast of St. Francis,


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Look, A Sign!

A member of Team LSP just sent this in, from somewhere in East Texas. Here's another Texan picture, from Hubbard in 1908.

Slap Out
Hubbard used to be called Slap Out in the 1860s but was re-branded after a former Governor in the 1880s. Slap Out has 1,589 citizens as of the last census.

Burning Man

In other news, Big Tex has burnt to a crisp.

Somehow that seems relevant to me.

All for Texas.