Friday, October 4, 2013

Less Government, Please. We Can't Afford It!

Random Bear Partisan

I'm hearing these unsettling rumors that the Government is still somehow functioning, even though it's shutdown and closed. How can this be? 

Here's how much our Government spends, visualized as stacks of $100 million pallets. Thanks for the image and figures, Demonocracy:

Spend, Spend, Spend!

Here's the breakdown: 

Defense (Attack) $902.2 Billion
Health Care $846.1 Billion
Pensions $819.7 Billion
Welfare $451.9 Billion
Interest $224.8 Billion
Other Spending $199.6 Billion
Education $153.1 Billion
Transport $102.6 Billion
Protection $62.0 Billion
General Government $33.6 Billion

Just hypothetically, if the Govenment ever starts again, which I hope it won't, I guess it'll keep on spending increasingly astronomical amounts of money. Where will the cash come from? Print on demand?

Less Government please, we can't afford it.

Have a blessed Feast of St. Francis,



LL said...

Somehow it's shut down and everything is fine...

LSP said...

Odd, aint it.

lukeya said...

Didn't the Belgians have no Federal Government for something like 3 years? They're still making waffles and beer.

LSP said...


The Belgians did perfectly well without their despised government.