Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Government Remnant Barricades Capitol

Last Ditch Defense

Remnant government loyalists have barricaded themselves into last-ditch defensive positions in the nation's capitol, Washington D.C., in a desperate attempt to fight off war veterans.

World War II vets braved threats of arrest and flimsy, ineffective government opposition to pay honor to their fallen comrades.


"The Germans and the Japanese couldn't contain us. They weren't going to let barriers contain them today," said one Ohio veteran, Lee Armstrong.

In Hiding

The government, led by Al-Quaeda ally, Barak Obama, remains in hiding.

Please don't come back.



Borepatch said...

Damn bitter clingers, holding on to their government privileges ...

LSP said...

I see it as a kind of "no hope defense of the Reichstag" sort of thing.

These people are fanatics!

Adrienne said...

The WWII memorial is not even funded by the feds and it's open 24/7. It is staffed during the day, but you can access it at any time day or night. That sniveling POS did that on purpose.

God bless those vets for saying, "Hell no!" The rest of the country could learn a thing or two from them...

G. Tingey said...

Is the USA a country & government of laws, or of right-wing idiot factions?

The refusal to back down over "obamacare" (Whatever one's opinions on the subject) is a serious mistake by the Republican party.

LSP said...

But Tingey, less government is good! You, as a longbowman, should know that. More shutdown, please.