Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Government Still Down. Wendy Davis Illuminati Shill!

Government Illuminati Symbol

Here at LSP Liberty HQ the party's still on, with our hardworking team continuing to celebrate as America takes a lead from plucky little Belgium and shuts down its Government. Belgium, famous for standing up against oppressors, managed to do without its despised Government for 589 days in 2010-11 and emerged none the worse. 

NWO Worship

But some feel the Government is a sham, only serving to do the bidding of a shadowy cabal of New World Order (NWO), Illuminati puppetmasters. ZeroHedge has this to say:

"And that’s because every serious investor understands that the US government long since abdicated any economic power to the banking sector. Everyone knows that the Fed is going to keep printing money, ergo they’re going to keep sending markets higher. And this debt ceiling charade only proves it. The secret is out there in the open. And now it’s completely obvious who’s really in charge."

Wendy's in Vogue

In related news, Wendy Davis, who rose to fame and the pages of Vogue for championing late-term abortion, is making a bid to seize control of Texas.

Wendy has a Demon

Supporters of Davis' July filibuster, that blocked legislation placing time limits on abortion, chanted "Hail Satan" and hurled feces around the State Capitol. 

Davis, who regards abortion as "sacred ground," has been photographed with a demon on her shoulder, revealing the power-seeking politician as little more than an Illuminati shill and a craven NWO puppet. 

Crazed Government Supporters

She is presently shutdown, along with the rest of our Government.

Let's keep it that way.


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