Thursday, October 31, 2013



A church person once told me that Halloween was Satan's birthday. I tried to explain that it's just the Eve of all Hallows, the first night of the Triduum of All Saints, when Christians remember the faithful departed and the Saints. She wasn't buying. For her, Halloween was just a paean to Old Scratch.

This goof supports gay marriage because he's conservative, apparently.

Others think that Halloween isn't about the faithful departed, God, Satan, or anything else. They think it's Celtic. Some people have convinced themselves that the Celts were all about gay marriage, a bit like David Cameron but more tribal.

Scary As You Like

I won't comment, but I will leave you with a picture of a famous witch stateswoman; people are saying that she'll be President one day. Pretty scary, eh?

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Third News said...

An Africa requiescat was no doubt a special parentalia sovenance in All Saint's Cathedral, Nairobi

darlin said...

Awesome mug! I'll save my comments on the other two photos as I'm trying to behave myself lately, and if I can't say anything nice then I'll not say anything at all... not about you, about those in the photos! lol

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend LSP!