Wednesday, November 4, 2009


A great expanse of prehistoric stone structures have been discovered in South Africa, including a set of monoliths that evidently align with the constellation of Orion as it was in the night sky 75,000 years ago. Michael Tellinger wrote a book about it, 'Adam's Calendar', and goes on to say that humanity's genesis was brought about by aliens, who then left for greener galactic pastures. Interesting, but surely the space-faring creatures would have left more technically advanced ruins behind? For that matter, some would say they never left...

Anyway, the buildings in question seem vastly ancient and I'd like to think them ante-deluvian. Tellinger certainly does, so he's opening a museum/visitor's centre out of an erstwhile sports bar called Sharky's. Well worth a trip to the veldt.

Adam's Calendar




LandShark 5150 said...

Gotta steal this pic from ya Parson! sharky

tom said...

ALL THINGS are worth a trip to the veldt :-)

tom said...

Oh, I also advise taking a .375 H&H Mag Encore with. It'll take care of anything and will keep you more amused than crackheads.

LSP said...

Go right ahead Sharky.

Tom, as always, I value your advice, .375 H&H Mag Enc. sounds the ticket.