Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Say No To Nanny

Found this picture on the excellent Free Canuckistan site and thought it amusing, so what can we say but Free Mark Steyn.

Busy trying to catch up on the news and clarify thoughts on the recent Apostolic Constitution for Anglican converts to Rome but more of that anon. In the meanwhile, badly in need of a good fix of Horse & Gun.

Shoot straight,



Julie said...

love the sign. Hope you get some horse & gun time soon!

Anonymous said...

I love it. Sums up the progressive mindset perfectly. Just one more rule and all will be bliss...

If people can't identify that as the self-licking ice cream cone it is, they deserve to lose their freedoms.

LSP said...

Glad you liked the Nanny pic Julie - probably have to wait till next week before I can get out in the field - too long!

Thanks foutsc - you know what they say, "the turkeys consistently vote for Christmas..."

God bless.