Friday, November 13, 2009

Archdruid of Canterbury

photo thanks to All Seeing Eye & GOT here

From the Daily Mail:

"The Archbishop of Canterbury last night admitted the future of the Church of England was 'chaotic and uncertain'. Rowan Williams said 'God knows' what will happen amid attempts by the Vatican to lure Anglican clergy to convert to Roman Catholicism."

Well go figure, ++Rowan, spiritual heir to Augustine, druid, dhimmi, sharia endorsing writer of incomprehensible theology and all round Anglo-Catholic sell out. But hold on, something's wrong with the list - ah yes, the Augustine bit.

Lets see how many in the U.K. swim the Tiber for Rome, maybe few but I'd be surprised if trads are staying in out of love for their leader.

Guns tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

I don't know much about it, but it appears the Church of England has been infested with the same rot as the "old mainline protestant" churches here in America.

These churches denied the very word of God, or "softened" it to make it less threatening to people, and then wonder why the pews are empty.

A hungry person will turn down a thin gruel for substantive food every time.

LSP said...

I'd say that 'thin gruel' is precisely what's on offer in Rowan's church - likewise that of his lesser but richer cohort, Jefferts Schori, here in the U.S.

Teresa said...

I was really surprised when I heard the news, that the Vatican is reaching out to Anglicans. But, I think that its a good thing. I just hope that the Vatican reverts back to traditionalism, or that the Vatian encourages American Bishops to revert back to traditional values instead of feeding liberal garbage to its congregations.

I agree with foutsc. It seems as if the Church of England has been infested with same rot as "old mainline protestant" churches.

LSP said...

I second your thoughts entirely, Teresa.

Stop the Rot!

JPT said...

The man's an idiot - a Trojan Horse for Islam even.

LSP said...

JPT - good point - Rowan Williams as Islamist Shill... nice one.

MK said...

One things for sure, he hasn't done much for the Church's future or that of Britain, for that matter.

LSP said...

Good to have your comments MK - Rowan's a grisly old liberal, but what should we expect from the Patron of 'Affirming Catholicism"?