Friday, July 10, 2009

GC2009: Aliens?

Its now Legislative Day Three, Session Two of TEC's (The Episcopal Church) 76th General Convention. As all the world knows, the theme of this conference is all about Ubuntu, an African concept denoting unity and ancestor worship. Why, then, is the Convention so keen to adopt one or all of thirty LGBT resolutions which will, in the words of Bishop Love of Albany, "rip the Communion to shreds". It doesn't make any sense until you realise that many of the Deputies and Bishops are not of this world.

How can you tell? I think this (from the excellent Above Top Secret site) helps:

"Many of you people are not actually humans. You may have human bodies and human blood, but you are not humans. You are extra terrestrial beings.

How do you know that you are an extra terrestrial being? Here are 6 easy steps to find out:

1) You always had a feeling that you don't belong here on this planet.

2) You've always felt being very different from humans.

3) You have a strong longing to "go home", although you don't know where home is (but its' not on this planet).

4) You often tend to watch humans and think "Why are they making things so complicated? It's really not that complicated."

5) You have a strong sense of purpose - that you are on this planet for a reason.

6) You may posses supernatural abilities: telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, super empathy, etc.

Thank you ATS for helping out - I was confused but now its clear(er). Most Convention goers aren't from this planet, of course they don't think as humans do.

Just a thought between "stories".




The Fact Compiler said...

Did you know that Ubunto is an anagram of Otnubu.

I'm none the wiser either.

LSP said...

You're quite right - it is nonsense.

I tell you, you couldn't make it up if you tried.

Missing horses & guns developing Carpal.


tom said...

I miss LSP posting an after action review. Guess he ain't done takin' the whip to 'em yet and tellin' 'em to "straighten up 'n' fly right".

Hope he wasn't kidnapped by aliens, specially the cattle mutilation ones they breed in California at Disneyworld.

LSP said...

thanks for the thought - just finishing up here - fly back to safety tomorrow.

back to reg. blogging then.

god bless texas!


LSP said...

review to follow.


tom said...

For some reason I've had old Bowie songs running round me head while I've been working on work work, paperwork...

This line made me giggle and think of your Anaheim adventure, entirely different context than Bowie intended but as a stand alone line it made me giggle:

A cop knelt and kissed the feet of a priest, and a queer threw up at the sight of that

Good Old Bowie...

LSP said...

Had forgotten that one... used to like Bowie, perhaps still do.

Anaheim was swarming with malfeasant aliens.