Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good Time Had By All

Had a great time at a parishioner's place the other evening, there was plenty of land and an interestingly twisted tree.

A cacophany of pick-ups

Delicious BBQ and an all round good time thanks to the hospitality of Bud & Jimmie Monroe both of whom are one time rodeo champs (bronc & barrel riding) but now do something with cattle and, happily for me, support the Church. They're also supporting a colony of hogs who're swinishly breaking into the acreage to root about along a creek bed, so they'll be baited and brought to BBQ justice - but first I have to go to Anaheim to write about the General Convention of The Episcopal Church (TEC). Nightmarish prospect and an unwelcome hiatus from the riding and shooting regimen, still, duty calls.

More anon.


PS. Check out the excellent Rabbit Stew for a good riff on the perniciously Manichean PETA.

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