Thursday, January 22, 2015

God of Surprises

It's not every day that the numbers-thin Church of England is rescued by a stray cat on the icy streets of a provincial Russian town. So here's a helpful prayer, to mark the event:

God of Surprises, 
you call us
from the narrowness of our traditions
to new ways of being church
from the captivities of our culture to
creative witness for justice
form the smallness of our horizons
to the bigness of your vision.

Beautiful, isn't it, and while we're at it, why not join together in song? Here's one, from Worship and Rituals in a Feminist Key. It's called "You're a Lot Like Me."


In the very middle - In the very middle - You're a lot like me
A shining rainbow personality
The clothes and the skin -- are just the car you're in
In the very middle you're a lot like me.

Some got castles - Some got shacks - Some got backpacks on their backs
Many different ways to dance and sing
But the most important thing is :

In the very middle...

How very uplifting.



Anonymous said...

Where on earth did you come about this? I am a disturbed reader. Now I shall have nightmares.

LSP said...

Click on the link to Worship and Rituals in a Feminist Key for more uplifting Goddess fun.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

They shoot horses, don't they? Can't we shoot liturgical dancers?

LSP said...

You'd think there'd be a bounty...

LL said...

It looks completely pagan.

Where did they decide to pivot to the dark side and pick up the lesbian witch contingent to run things?

LSP said...

I'd say in the late '70s but its spread since then.

They do like their dancing.

LL said...

Are they ALL crones? Isn't there one attractive one in the whole crowd? Can't Satan do better than that?

LL said...

It's an old bitty's club with a few homosexual males mixed in for good measure (and their catamites). Maybe the Baal doesn't care enough? How pathetic is THAT?

It's no wonder that numbers are declining. However with the baby boom coming to fruition, there are more sixty-something ladies who may want do dance with women their own age? I'm just guessing here. I don't move in those circles.

Frankly, I'd rather go hunting or break large rocks into small rocks in my truck. But that's just me.

jenny said...

+1 Anonymous.

Being ignorant of all this was truly blissful. I miss those days.

jenny said...

And LL, with a little imagination, they don't look like crones. It's just hard to see past the fact that they're either dressed like Disney fairies or, well, MEN in black cassocks.
Neither are particularly classy outfits for the ladies.

Michael Peterson said...

"Whenever I hear liturgical dance I reach for my revolver ... and then curse because I don't have one."

Speaking of crones, when I was graduating from Wycliffe College ( U of Toronto School of Theology) back in the day, two of my classmates were attractive women in their early 40s, one dark and petite, the other tall and blonde. My field supervisor, Fr. David of blessed memory, often remarked on the middle aged and spherical ladies who graced the clergy ranks of our Diocese. He was astonished to see these two graceful women cross the stage, and in his high, piping voice, exclaimed to his wife, "JANET!!! THEY"RE NOT ALL FAT!" It was epic.

LSP said...

Was Dr. Krause teaching at Wycliffe when you were there, Padre?

And for sure, there's nothing like a bit of Lit Dance to inspire a sidearm...

LSP said...

Sorry, Jenny.

LSP said...

I agree, LL.

You'd think that Baal would conjure up some better servants. But maybe She/He has; in the music industry, for example.