Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Was Hungry

I took some time off from the tireless campaign against Harvard's lesser, limolib, comsoc ally, Duke, to visit our food bank. 

The food bank feeds a lot of needy people in  our town and it used to provide some help with utility bills. That's stopped now, for the present, and food's the focus.

I used to volunteer there on a pretty regular basis but I've been slack for the last couple of years and that's going to change. After all, there's that bit in Scripture about "I was hungry and you fed me," and we ignore that at our peril.

Does that make me some sort of comsymp leftist shill for the New World Order? On the contrary, it's about charity with accountability at the local level. Let's have more of that and less Leviathan in DC, please.

The Boss of this concern is a good friend, who excitedly told me that someone "from Bynum" had shot a bobcat on his land the other day. Our conversation went like this:

"How big was it?" 
"About as big as a tailgate!"
"They used a rabbit distress call, up comes the bobcat, they shot it, then they left!"
"Well, you come on out and have at it!"
"I sure will!"

And I will. You never know, I might shoot something.

My friend is a very good man and we used to shoot pistols against round bales, which was a lot of fun. He can't do that now, but I understand he still takes the odd shot from a 410 (purchased, ahem, for his wife) now and again. 

God bless,



LL said...

I make a Costco run about once a week. When I do, I always pick up some flats of cans and drop them off at the local food bank. It's something that I believe in.

LSP said...

I think it's important.

LSP said...

And I wouldn't mind a 410 either, just for fun and utility.

LL said...

Taurus makes a .410 handgun (for snakes and such) that also fires rifled slugs.

It should be standard issue for members of the Dallas Light Cavalry (Irregular)

Brighid said...

I guess I should step it up in the food bank giving dept...
so far I just leave the plain brown grocery bags of zucchini on the neighbors door step and run like hell...