Friday, January 23, 2015

Farmer's Doorstop Turns Out to be Church of England Bishop!

In 2002 a Norfolk farmer was plowing his field in East Rudham, when he discovered a bent Church of England bishop in the soil. The farmer took the bent bishop back to his farmhouse, where he used the object as a doorstop for 12 years, until a friend suggested he had it checked, by experts.

Ecclesiastical experts identified the the bishop as a "ceremonial dirk," which had been bent prior to burial.

The farmer agreed to sell the bent old bishop to Norwich museum for the film rights to Love Free or Die, the former Bishop of New Hampshire's blockbuster movie.

The Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson is reportedly being used as a doorstop at the Center for American Progress, in Washington DC.

The identity of the bishop discovered in Norfolk is currently unknown.



LL said...

I'm surprised that the crosses don't get hot and burn them the way that they are reputed to do with vampires.

LSP said...

I agree, it's strange. Holy Water should get them too. Of course they don't use that.