Friday, January 9, 2015

Well That Was Fun

It felt a bit strange returning to Texas from the land of ice and snow but drive-bys notwithstanding, it was good to be back in the Lone Star State. And it was especially good to meet up with a very old friend who was passing through, to conduct some "business."

What was this business? Good question. It was something along the lines of "communications systems security and interception consultancy," or CSSIC, and it helped to be an Israeli, living in Jakarta. Obviously.

I was impressed by my pal's CSSIC expertise and hope he triumphs in the marketplace, but that aside, the years rolled back over several dinners, as we caught up on our various adventures. "What's the most important thing about a tank?" asked my friend, who had helped crew one at the end of Peace in Galilee. "Reverse gear!" The reason being, he explained, is that reverse is crucial after you've pulled over a ridge to take your shot and have to get back into cover. CSSIC had driven a Centurion, which astounded me. 

It had been updated but still, the hull of the metal monster dated from 1949 and there it had been, getting into fights in Lebanon, in the '80s.

Then he was gone and I drove back to my rural idyll in the land where cotton used to be king. I'll be picking up Blue Exocet tomorrow.




LL said...

The tank has to remain "hull down" when it's that far out of date or it's simply turned into an oven.

I'm glad that you're back and suspect that Blue Demon will exact revenge for the abandonment.

LL said...

We need to work out a certificate to present to people who visit the DLC fort and wish to be honorary members. It need not be as flashy as the Israeli one.

LSP said...

Let's see how Blue Revenge will behave... and good certificate idea.

It could be quite simple.

Mattexian said...

Hah! I've got that novel! I was given it by a college roommate, who said one of the authors was a cousin. An interesting read, tho I'd prefer we be allies instead of enemies. I agree with a former gubernatorial candidate, that Texans and Jews have lots in common, starting with the habit of wearing a hat indoors.

I'm sure Blue will forgive you, if you've let him keep you warm, thsee last few nights. Athe our house, *every* night is a four-dog night, hence the AC running except when the outside temp hits freezing.

Mattexian said...

As am aside, I think that's the Chilean flag in that first pic. I've been watching the Dakar rally, broadcast from there this week, and seen plenty of their flags to notice the subtle differences between it and the Texas bandera.