Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ancient Aliens, the Smoking Gun?

The holy grail of ancient alien theorists may have been found, in the Church of England's General Synod!

Photographs show what appear to be ancient aliens hiding in plain sight, in the CofE's most revered governing body, the General Synod. 

The off-world Synodians look similar to men and women, though some speculate that the mysterious creatures may be genderless and have moved beyond "male" and "female" thanks to advanced technology.

Ancient alien theorists believe that the earth was visited by aliens many thousands of years ago, and may one day return.

Is the wait over?



Fredd said...

I only want to check out one of their space ships. Maybe they would take a reasonable offer on one of their used units, I bet they get way better mileage than my Toyota Tundra.

That, and I bet they are way easier to park.

LL said...

But do they come in peace?

LSP said...

They might be, Fredd, but be careful, these creatures are notorious for selling "lemons."

LSP said...

I'd say the evidence points against peaceful intention, LL.

They may be ancient, but they're very aggressive.

LL said...

I can't see these aliens swaying large numbers of Christians to paganism unless they're septuagenarian women wearing comfortable shoes (lesbians) who want to dance.

What I am suggesting here is that the aliens may be incompetent -- but obviously well funded. Apparently not as well funded as they'd like to be...

LL said...

Does the time worn Democratic Party saying, "aliens are people too" apply here?

No, I don't think so.

Take Blue Cyborg up to them. If he wants to tear them to pieces...let him.

Fredd said...

LSP: you're probably right. With my luck, I would wind up with an alien space ship and the first week, the clutch starts slipping.

Wonder what my local garage would gouge me to fix that? Oh, never mind. THose guys have a sign hanging in their shop that says "We don't work on imports."

LSP said...

Fredd: My mechanic has a "gauge" in his ear, which is a kind of large earring with a hole in it, like a donut.

Chances are he'd work on one of these things.

But I'd hesitate trading in that Tundra (or my 150) for what might just end up being a pile of old alien junk.

Still, your call.

LSP said...

I get this feeling that Blue Exterminator would enjoy General Synod, LL.


He's not a fan either.

Anonymous said...

This discussion of aliens raises introduces an interesting perspective on the question of the presumed oppression of certain minority sexual interests and orientations. Gays and lesbian ideologues maintain they are oppressed by society and seek equality. Yet compare their plight with another section of society.Surely the section of the population who are far more subject to oppression by society are those who believe in flying saucers and want contact with alien beings. Such individuals face huge discrimination in Western society today. They are openly mocked, ridiculed and their employment may be at risk.They are condemned as mad, isane and childish. They can lose their jobs on account of their beliefs yet have no anti-discrimination protection. They are forced to meet in ever more secretive groups and clubs The security services spy on them and persecute them on an international level for simply seeking the truth (the Gary Mckinnon case). All because they want meaningful contact with ETs. Frankly, who is facing most discrimination in Western society today? Who will speak up for them?

LSP said...

That's a very interesting angle, Anonymous!