Sunday, January 25, 2015

Thugs v. Hippies, in Austin

If you live in Austin, which is the Capitol of Texas, chances are you're a hippy, or you know one, or both. That's just the way it is in Austin.

Typical Austin Street Scene

Austin, for hippies, is one big adventure playground; but be careful, Hippy. Take a few steps across the line that is I35 and your thieving ways  may not go down too well. Have a look at this video and see if I'm not right.

Hippy Running From Thug

Others are more prosey. Here's Katie Friel, writing for Culture Map Austin.

"It's almost Shakespearean that this fight happened where it did, barely a block east of I-35. This traditional barrier of Austin's white versus black — of 'us' and 'them' — has, in recent years, become the heart of gentrification in Austin. This corner sets the stage for a disturbingly violent act, charged with anger and full of hateful language. And it isn't just the violence that is disturbing, but the way we seemed to perpetuate this violence by sharing it on social media with the same unwavering words: 'thugs' versus 'hippies.'"

Sink Me, the Monkey has it.

Thugs v. Hippies? I'd say that the long-haired layabouts in the video got off rather lightly, and that the Thugs showed uncommon restraint.

Now I'm not a betting man, but I'll wager my fighting monkey against any 5 of your priestesses that the thugs have it, any day of the week.

Fight on,



jenny said...

oh for heaven's sake. Can she get more "progressive" than to suggest that we perpetuate the violence by calling thugs thugs and hippies hippies?

Because yeah, THAT'S the problem, Katie. That's what drove those imbeciles to fight. The fact that they have been called thugs and hippies, not the fact that they ARE thugs and hippies. Should we instead refer to them as something flowery like "troubled individuals"?
Go AHEAD. They will still be violent idiots.
A rose by any other name...

LSP said...

Jenny, is your money on the Thugs, or the Hippies?

Katie? Very, ahem. Shakespearean.

jenny said...

No contest. The thugs have it any day.

LSP said...

Bets on!

LL said...

I'll give odds - Thugs over hippies. 1 thug will beat three hippies.

DLC (Mounted) 1 DLC member (w/saber) vs 100 hippies

Fredd said...

LSP: we're dragging our RV down to Fredricksburg TX at the end of next month. Need we concern ourselves with hippies or thugs bothering us?

Just wondering where the boundaries end, Austin looks to be within a 5-iron away from Hill Country....

LSP said...

1 mounted DLC v. 100 hippies? No contest.

And definitely a 1:3 ratio of thug to hippy.

Did you notice how the thug leader stopped his boys from beating on the hippies too much?

LSP said...

You might want to bring a gun along, Fredd, in case you have to shoot your way out of a gifte shoppe.

But there's probably not a big thug/hippy concentration there. Still, be prepared.

jenny said...

LSP's very right on this point, Fredd. Sometimes the antique hunters get a bit giddy celebrating their finds in ye olde publick houses. You never know what sort of squabbles might break out. Best to play it safe.

Fredd said...

Good to know. If them Hill Country gift shop sales folk get uppity, better plan on letting the lead fly, maybe thin the herd some.