Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boss Hogg

Boss Hogg

The tires on my truck need replacing, so I went to Walmart to look at the Wrangler all-terrains. A kid moves in and stares real intently at the speakers on the rack next to the tires. There we are, I'm checking out the tires and he's dreaming, in Realtree, of audio power. 

car park carry-on

The kid picks up a "roll-back" woofer, holding it up to me in its box like an offering. He looks me in the eye, pauses for courage, and says, "That's what I'm talkin' about," and  I like him for that. He wants powerful sounds in his ride. I have all the approval in the world.

"Oh yeah," I say, with a nod, and we go about our separate ways.

I file this tale under "country life in Texas."



Anonymous said...

Father what is the poor lad going to play? Did you lend him Motorhead/Motorhead or perhaps the Ground Hoggs, or Hawkwind/Hawkwind? What are your legacy tunes? I won't embarrasses you by revealing you own a Jethro Tull album.

LSP said...

Call me an "eccentric man" but I didn't torment him with "Baron" Brock or the strangely well-preserved Kilminster.

And look here, I don't own any Jethro Tull, despite living in the countryside...