Saturday, November 28, 2020

WTF's Going on in the UK?


Riots, apparently, or something very like it as thousands of people marched in London today to protest the loathed floppy haired Fuhrer's new lockdown, cunningly described in terms of "tiers." Stay in your tier, serf, and don't even dream of leaving your home or we'll send you to a reeducation camp.

Seriously, a year into this thing and and you're shutting the country down and putting people under house arrest all because of a virus that kills maybe 0.1% of the people it infects? Really? As we reflect on this remarkable feat of apparent charity, it's all for your own good, ask yourself who's making money out of it.

Not small businesses, that's for sure. What about Amazon, Tesco, Aldi, and all the rest of Big Box Inc. They're coining it. Surely that's a total coincidence. 

Whatever, plenty of Brits don't seem too happy with the arrangement. Except the police. Weird, isn't it, how the Met kneel before BLM and XR but go full Stasi on Patriots or even anti-lockdowners. Some say, and they're doubtless Fascists, that there's a two-tier policing system in England.

Serious question. Are the Left and their globalist, NWO Overlords talking to one another across both sides of the Atlantic to produce the same effect, and to what end? Sure seems that way, but in the meanwhile the people might call a pause, if not an utter halt. 

Let's see England rise up against Corporate Marxist big money, and Etonian, croneyist totalitarianism. Same here in the States, though the stakes are far higher, the fortune much larger and the fate of the West hangs upon it.

In the meanwhile, we have the idiocy of police persons kneeling in front of radical Marxists and going Brownshirt Bolshevik on people who love their country and, ironically love the police. For how much longer?

Your Old Friend,



Kid said...

Well, we've fleshed out rich guys buying primo real estate at bargain basement prices and people control. I'm afraid I don't know what to add unless we unleash aliens into the mix. Inter-racial aliens of the fluid gender variety who are planning to use humans as a food source.

So, I wonder if the muzzies are in compliance over there and what the UK is doing about if not.

drjim said...

"The fate of the West hangs upon it...."

Aye, matey. That it does...


To Serve Man, @Kid? :)

Adrienne said...

Not to be too cynical or anything, but I can certainly see an ulterior motive for sitting on that rather pretty girl who's about to lose her modesty.

Where's Churchill when you need him?

Infidel de Manahatta said...

What the world needs is a little, how shall I put it, Irish Democracy in action.

LSP said...

I don't know, Kid. I heard they were complaining that Christmas gets a pass but Eid didn't. Me? I'd say follow the money and ask why China has no lockdowns but we do.

That indicates fraud and corruption on a scale so large as to be preposterous. A bit like rigging/stealing a US election.

LSP said...

The stakes are really high, drjim.

LSP said...

N, now you've got me thinking Soylent Green.

LSP said...

She does look rather attractive, now that you mention it, Adrienne!

Will/can there be another Churchill? I don't know, but I have great faith in the English people.

LSP said...

That's a very interesting point, Infidel, and I wonder if our Omniscient Overlords have miscalculated. After all, they own the media.

Kid said...

"That indicates fraud and corruption on a scale so large as to be preposterous. A bit like rigging/stealing a US election."

Unimaginable is my estimation LSP. And I believe it's been going on a long time but really kicked into high gear with obammy. 18 Trillion and not a single bridge built. Nothing for America.

Barry and the tranny out of office with triple digit millions. That they admit to. Would like to see the offshore accounts.

All of this and the election compared to what's going on worldwide and it's like a kid stealing a candy bar. I think. Regardless, obammy was off the scale. I believe he did a lot of it in the name of kahula snackbar. moslem vermin homo, or at least bi and married to a tranny. Someone has a sense o humor. Will it affect me? Not really unless and until healthcare is removed from America for those who are old enough to actually need it and don't vote democrat, though that may not matter either. None of them give A **************** about any of us and that it fact. DJT does. Hope he and we get another 4.

LSP said...

Kid, right with you.