Monday, November 16, 2020

Is Michelle A Man?!?


One of the best things about the Obamas was how they boosted race relations and helped the working class. Barack's faithful wife figure was a part of that. She didn't have an Adam's Apple.

Neither was she a man, who'd desperately tried to turn itself into a girl under the surgeon's knife.

No, Michelle was a gracious First Lady who wanted to lead her country to greatness because she loved it and its people.

If you believe that you'll believe anything.



Beans said...

The question isn't "Is Michelle a man?" but..

Is Barry one?

From what we saw during his election and his tenure and afterwards, my answer is "No. Most resoundingly no."


His life was a fraud. His autobiographies are a fraud. His existence is a fraud. His future is a fraud.

Muppets have more existence in reality than he does.


Yeah, something weird about the Mooch.

And their kids.

Love to see a genetic makeup of all four of those fraudtastic people.

LL said...

Do you mean, "does she self identify as male or female or one of 36 other gender options?" What is gender really? If you ask most university professors (your betters), you'll learn that they either don't know or they're unwilling to say because their answer could define their future in the education business.

The other question a less delicate person might ask is whether her schwank is longer than Baracks. I realize that I'm getting into forbidden territory here.

Ok, there's yet another question. Is she just wearing her strap-on in the photo? Posing as a male?

The media says that she and Bruce (I forget his chick name) Jenner are the most admired women in America. Jenner isn't a shrill harpy, so maybe he's more admired as a woman than Michelle (or is it Mitchel) Obama.

Nobody every talks about her disbarment from the Illinois bar. The media is strangely silent. Maybe their admiration for the former First Person outweighs their journalistic imperative to report the truth? Her husband, a professional race agitator claims to be a Constitutional scholar. A strange situation - communist and self-proclaimed Constitutional expert - married to a crook who can't practice law anymore, whose gender has been in doubt.

LL said...

PS - Michelle Obama was apparently not disbarred. She is not allowed to practice law because she requested "inactive status" in 1993. Nobody knows why. The records were purged. At times crooked attorneys are given the option of going inactive or facing legal sanction. Journalists don't care.

Kid said...

There's video that clearly shows something bouncing around in there. Dancing on Ellen and another one as she hurries down some stairs. I'd say its a good bet.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Strange couple. Moochelle was quoted recently as saying she isn't liked because "she" has an adams apple.

Old NFO said...

Sigh... no comment...

Ed Bonderenka said...

D: All of the aabove.

LSP said...

Beans, people generally say Hussein is a "great orator." I never got that, he always seemed a faked up fraud.

Have you seen the infovid of Hunter snorting coke with the Obama girl's credit card?


LSP said...

But LL, you argue with your betters? Report yourself, immediately.

Wasn't Hillary kicked off a legal team?

LSP said...

Kid, I've seen the video and seeing's believing.

LSP said...

But WSF, that's racist.

LSP said...

Such a graceful First Lady, NFO.

LSP said...

ED, I agree!