Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A Free Will Texan Walkabout


Some say we're the product of elemental and often evil forces, like chemistry, colonialism, and transphobia. For them, the influence is the persynn, which unfortunately defines zhirself out of existence. Others believe in free will and the ability to choose for better or ill, circumstance notwithstanding.

I chose free will this morning and took the rig to the shop for new shocks, struts (Munroe) and a replacement Moog ball joint. The alternative? Spending around 14k on a new/used truck. Was it a good choice? 

We'll see. I strolled over to Montes (YaYa's) after dropping the truck off and had, yet again, a delicious breakfast. Huevos Rancheros, it's always that, my choice. Then headed back to the Compound on foot, only to see that Advent/Christmas decorations are up, and if I had my way they wouldn't be, because it's neither Advent nor Christmas. 

The Town Powers chose badly in this, but even so, new businesses are springing up in what was once a minor capitol of King Cotton. Not least a dog's bakery. Good luck with the dogging, Trumpist entrepreneurs. And a boot shop. I haven't been in either, hopefully they'll survive. 

Back at the Compound I scoured the news for updates on the KRAKEN. Had it been released, would it be? Or was this yet more unproductive verbiage from the rightist twitter bubble. Who knows, though Sydney Powell seems confident. Hope springs eternal.

Then it was back to the shop to find a truck with new suspension. Was the ride better? Yes. Was the vehicle 2" lifted? Yes. Is this better? Definitely. Will the expense justify itself under the clear blue sky of the Lonestar State? This remains to be seen. 

In the meanwhile, acclimatize yourself to the apparent fact that our electoral system, agencies and judiciary are a bought and paid for globalist sham. Again, we knew this, but to see it played out in real-time is... unsettling.

So too is the fact that millions of people voted for Biden and Harris, the Corpse and the Whore. OK, they hate the evil Orange Man, but since when did he take any money from being a politician? 

You'd think leftists, who are against that kind of thing, would have noticed. But no, they voted for the man who's done nothing but enrich himself on the public dime for decades.

And they tell us to wake up. How very puke making.

Walk on,



RHT447 said...

Yes, most unsettling--that even one thinking person could look in the mirror with a straight face and vote for Joe and the Ho. The rot runs deep. LBJ's Great Society writ large. I wonder if they didn't so much vote for, but more against Orange Man and America.

I have seen the opinion voiced by several much closer to the KRAKEN, that had the election been run fairly, President Trump have 400 or so electoral votes. It was in fact,a landslide for Trump. Not so many on the other side as they would have us think. I hope the KRAKEN is enough to overcome the corrupt DA's, mayors, governors, election boards, and judges. I hope SCOTUS has the stones to use the KRAKEN. I hope it is not lost on them that not doing so will consume us all.

Hope your truck keeps on truckin'.

LL said...

Breaking News for your readers: http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2020/11/amazons-facial-recognition-software.html

LL said...

At least you're still able to get a delicious meal at a fair price there in Hillsboro. At the mine if you want too eat, you need to kill it, dress it, skin it, butcher it, and depending on the cut, let it age appropriately in refrigeration before you eat it.

Monte's is a better option.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Good investment in the truck? I would vote YES but my vote might get switched by a "computer glitch". You should be good for another 100k. As my Dad always said, "Grease is cheaper than machinery". Maintenance is the key.

Adrienne said...

Good choice on the truck, LSP. And lucky you for another great breakfast.

You sound a bit discouraged and that has me worried. We all just need to keep doing what we're supposed to do - whatever that might be. Sort of like my Erica kitteh, who popped out at 3 am and returned at 4 am with a nice plump mouse for our breakfast (we put it in the great green "smoker" in the barn.) She did what she was born to do. There's a lesson there if you look deeply enough.

As to the Kraken I told LL earlier that I didn't even what the heck a kraken was. Now I do. I also thought it was a bit prophetic that one of my worst insults was to call someone "an ugly little squid of a person."

Adrienne said...

I forgot about the Christmas decor on the street. Yes - way too early. However, I confess to cruising the Christmas section at Wally World and I'm also going to put up my tree the first week of December. I decided that at my age I could do it early and enjoy it longer.

LindaG said...

People need cheer. And if they don't pray, they get it decorating for Christmas.
All the hate votes discouraged me as well.
Keep the faith and pray. 🙂

Old NFO said...

Christmas stuff DOES NOT go up before Turkey day... Period... And smart move to fix rather than buy new.

LSP said...

RHT, the KRAKEN is a powerful beast, perhaps to the tune of 400+ votes and the seizure of servers in foreign lands. What was it that Sydney said? You might want to 'fess up before you incriminate yourself, sort of thing.

As for LBJ, well, his specter looms large. Speaking of which, I might post the LBJ "pants" video. Just by way of morale boost.

LSP said...

LL, STOP PRESS. I need to share that breaking news. Thanks.

And Montes does work out well. Mind you, I like the idea of a mountain fastness, teeming with game. Cleaning the kill and butchering it, in the freezing cold? Not so much. Surely that's a job for your Head of Security/Foreman?

More and better servants aside, the grass does tend to grow greener...

LSP said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, WSF. I was all set to get a new rig but thought to myself, "Save your money, fool, it might come in handy. And anyway, the thing still works." So fix it up became the order of the day.

Speaking of "glitches," one of the missions had a bank account glitch. A large one. It worked in our favor, oddly. And guess what, libs tried to steal it.

This election's a parable and a sermon all in one.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I went to Walmart this morning pretty much just for kicks, to "dope the wind" and see what was up. Lo and behold, people were panic buying massive quantities of toilet paper. I bought a bottle of wine, just one, though it was tempting to buy many.

Discouraged? Not really, though I hate the way the donks have blown up our governance in their satanic lust for power. Still, thanks for the advice and I'll take it.

Christmas starts in Advent!?! Ma LSP would agree with you, though I'm holding out for a kind of mid-term solution. Hmmmmm.

LSP said...

Linda, I most certainly will. You too!

God bless.

LSP said...

NFO, I admit it, I'd like to get something new and upgrade but... I clearly need to save up for a long range precision rifle :) As a matter of fact and if we're still standing, I'll be looking into 6.5 variants in the New Year.